The SUSBIZ Programme is finalised.

Case studies from each participating company pair are now available.
Read about how the participants have linked CSR to business development, benefiting employees, environmental protection as well as top and bottom line.


The objective of the programme is to practically demonstrate the link between improved social and environmental conditions and business performance within the Kenyan companies.

The programme seeks to strengthen the Kenyan companies’ interest, ability and potential to link CSR implementation with strategic business development. This is achieved through capacity building of the Kenyan participants in the form of workshops, in-house training and assistance at the individual participating companies, and through knowledge sharing between the Kenyan and Danish programme participants.

In a long-term perspective, a further objective is to increase awareness of strategic CSR in Kenya, promoting Kenya as a frontrunner on CSR in Africa and the East African Community. Thereby, the programme seeks to contribute to sustainable private sector development of the region. This ambition is promoted by engaging the network of the programme co-organiser Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) as well as by strengthening the CSR capacities of FKE.


DENMARK: Programme Director Henning Høy Nygaard, Copenhagen: │ KENYA: Programme Coordinator: Joan Kithika, Nairobi: