The SUSBIZ Programme is finalised.

Case studies from each participating company pair are now available.
Read about how the participants have linked CSR to business development, benefiting employees, environmental protection as well as top and bottom line.

Company In-House Assistance

In order to assist the Kenyan companies implementing their action plans, in-house assistance is also provided. The assistance consists of visits to the companies conducted by the SUSBIZ team. During the visits, different issues are addressed such as implementation status, revision of action plans and challenges in the implementation process. Furthermore, the visits provide the Kenyan participants an opportunity for personal in-depth assistance with individual issues that the workshops cannot address. In addition to the visits scheduled in the timeplan, the participants can seek continual advice from the full-time employed Programme Coordinator and CSR specialist in Nairobi, Joan Kithika.


DENMARK: Programme Director Henning Høy Nygaard, Copenhagen: │ KENYA: Programme Coordinator: Joan Kithika, Nairobi: