The SUSBIZ Programme is finalised.

Case studies from each participating company pair are now available.
Read about how the participants have linked CSR to business development, benefiting employees, environmental protection as well as top and bottom line.


Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


Henning Høy Nygaard
Programme Director

Henning Høy Nygaard holds a MSc. in (Industrial) Geography and International Development Economy. Henning has worked as CSR advisor for business associations and private companies since 2003 and he is manager for the CSR Unit in the Danish Federation of SMEs.

Claus Aabling
Advisor, Business Development and CSR

Claus Aabling holds a master in Business Studies & International Development. His primary fields of work count CSR analysis, strategy development and implementation, at company level and in private sector development projects.


Mette-Maria Haugaard Kristensen
Advisor, Business Development and CSR
Mette Maria holds a master in Business Studies & Philosophy. She is currently stationed in Kenya but has also been working with strategic CSR project development and implementation in the public and private sector in Denmark.

Danish Ministry of Business and Growth 


Mette Andersen
Advisor, CSR

Mette Andersen holds a PhD in CSR in global supply chains and has several years’ CSR experience from both the private and public sector.



Sofie Pedersen
Advisor, CSR

Sofie Pedersen holds a master in Environmental planning and has several years CSR experience in promoting CSR in the private sector.


Federation of Kenya Employers 


Eva Lesley Atieno
Programme Manager, Kenya

Eva Lesley Atieno holds A Bachelor of Science degree from Moi University, and is finalizing her Master thesisin Business Administration degree at University of Nairobi in Kenya. Eva offers management solutions and business development advisory for FKE members.

Tel: +254 2721 929/48/49/52
Mobile: +254 738 687 332

SUSBIZ Kenya office, Nairobi 


Joan Kithika
Programme Coordinator, Kenya

Joan Kithika holds a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Information Systems and has several years of experience in Environmental Assessment, Social Accountability and health and safety auditing in both the private and public sector.

Tel: +254 272 19 29, +254 227 219 48/9 
Mobile: +254 721 116 477





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