The SUSBIZ Programme is finalised.

Case studies from each participating company pair are now available.
Read about how the participants have linked CSR to business development, benefiting employees, environmental protection as well as top and bottom line.

The SUSBIZ Concept

The SUSBIZ Concept `Partnerships for Sustainable Business Development´ integrates capacity building within socially and environmentally responsible business conduct, with strategic business development in global value chains.

The concept applies a partnership approach to facilitate collaboration on sustainable business development and strategic CSR between a group of companies in a developed country and their business partners in a developing country. The concept is developed by the Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises together with the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth and was first applied in India under the SUSBIZ India programme which ran from 2007 to 2010.

With the SUSBIZ India programme, the SUSBIZ concept was nominated for the `CSR Public´ price at the CSR award show CSR Awards 2011


DENMARK: Programme Director Henning Høy Nygaard, Copenhagen: │ KENYA: Programme Coordinator: Joan Kithika, Nairobi: